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View Voicemail


In this article you will learn how to view, listen, and change your voicemail from the Corenexa mobile app. 

How To

  1. Click on the Voicemail menu item to see your visual voicemail.

  2. The following information is available for each voicemail received

  • Caller ID: the name & number of the person that left you a voicemail

  • Date & time

  • Voicemail transcription (if purchased)

  1. The following actions are available for each voicemail:

  • Listen to voicemail

  • Call back

  • Text back

  • Send voicemail via email

  • Delete by sliding voicemail entry to the left

  • To delete multiple voicemails:

  • Click the avatar of one of the voicemails for deletion. You will notice a checkbox appears.

  • Select the other voicemail(s) you want to delete

  • Click Delete icon in the top right hand corner

  • To delete all simply click Select All checkbox in the top left hand corner then click Delete icon

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

  1. To create/edit your voicemail Greeting, click Greeting in the top right hand corner

  1. Select the mailbox from the options. Select the greeting you wish to create/edit.

  1. Tap the Record button to start/stop recording and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.