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Detailed Preferences


In this article you will learn how to change preference options in CoreNexa.

How To

In the Preferences pages the user can control different aspects as to how CoreNexa operates.

The user has the option to Reset Defaults in the lower left of the Preferences which will reset all default application settings.

General Settings

In General Settings the user has the ability to set their language. Additionally the user can choose to sort the list of Rooms on the home screen alphabetically.



The Appearance settings allow the user to change the graphic on the home page or let the system pick one randomly.



The calling settings are used to control how your phone rings. There are 3 separate sections. Inbound Dialing Rules, Find Me and Click to Dial.

Inbound Dialing Rules

Clicking on ‘Inbound Dialing Rules’ will allow the user to control how inbound calls are routed.

Call Forward Always if enabled allows the user to always have calls routed to a Mailbox, Extension, Outside Line or to a SIP Trunk.

Do Not Disturb if enabled will cause calls to be handled by the user's ‘If Busy’ inbound dialing rule as seen lower in this settings page.

The rules are used to route the call when Call Forward Always and Do Not Disturb are disabled. If the ‘Try First’ destination is another extension, then that extension's rules will be used.


Find Me

The Find Me settings allow the user to control how calls hunt for the user. The options for Locations are My Extension, Other Extension, and Outside Line.


Further down in this panel, Ring Options control how the above Locations behave (ring timer, caller name announcement) and whether the caller has the option between each location to be sent to voicemail.

The Time Settings all the user to control when the calling can occur and how to handle the call after hours.


Click to Dial

The ‘Click to Dial’ option allows the user to control if the phone rings to a deskphone or stays within the application when a click to dial item is clicked on. This is useful if the user has no headset or audio devices on their computer.



These are the default settings for when you join calls and conferences. If you plug in a new device you may need to use the ‘Refresh Device Lists’ option.

CoreNexa Browser - Conference Settings.png


On the profile page, the user can upload their Avatar (click on the circle) and also click on the edit pencil to add additional phone numbers to contact the user.



The user can change their CoreNexa password in the security settings.


Test Connection

Test connection is for technical personnel to test a network's ability to communicate back to the cloud hosting facilities. Its use is beyond the scope of this documentation.