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In this article, you will learn how to view messages in the Corenexa App for desktop and browser client. 

How To:

  1. The Messages menu item is where 1:1 chat messages, group chat messages, and SMS messages are located.

    2. A red new messages badge will appear if there are new messages available. Once the user clicks on Messages, existing conversations will be shown in the white panel. Any conversations with new messages will have the other party's name in bold.

    3. Mousing over the time of the last message will reveal a ‘More’ button that will allow the user to ‘Mute’ (silence alerts of new messages) or ‘Leave’ (hide the conversation).

    4. At the top of the list of conversations, there is a drop-down that shows ‘Chat All’ by default. This drop-down allows the user to select between Chat and Text (SMS) messages (if they have SMS enabled).

    Also at the top of the conversations is a ‘+’. This allows a user to start a new Chat (1:1 or up to 9 in a group chat) or SMS (1:1 or up to 9 phone numbers).

    Chat conversations can also be initiated on a contact card for another user as seen below.