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CoreNexa CoreNexa Desktop

Objective In this article, you learn how see your call recording of your voice calls through Corenexa Desktop and Browser applications.  How To CoreNexa allows for recording of voice calls or video meetings and rooms. The recordings are accessed through a...

Call Blocking

Automation Manager Services

Objective This article goes over searching, creating, editing and deleting blocked numbers (also referred to as Call Blocks) in the Automation Manager.  Call Blocking allows you to block phone numbers from being dialed, or from calling into your phone number...

Call Center

Automation Manager Services

Objective This article goes over Call Center features such as Agents, Call Queues, Reason Codes and Tally Codes. Call Center is a premium feature, allowing calls to go directly into a queue, letting the caller hear hold music, rather than ringing, and allowin...

Caller ID Routing

Automation Manager Services

Objective In this article you will learn how to create Caller ID Routing rules. This feature enables the creation of one or more inbound call route tables that route to a particular destination, based on Caller ID (CID). How To From the Automation Manag...

Detailed Preferences

CoreNexa CoreNexa Mobile

Objective In this article you will learn how to change preference options in CoreNexa. How To In the Preferences pages the user can control different aspects as to how CoreNexa operates. The user has the option to Reset Defaults in the lower left of the ...

Smart Fax User Guide

Smart Fax

Objective Learn how to access and use Smart Fax on the online portal and through email. How To Accessing the Service Log in to the service at: (your username is your email address,and passwords are created by using t...

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Automation Manager

How To Login to your online Automation Manager account at Note: If your landing screen is the Corenexa web app (pictured below), click on "Apps" at the bottom left, then in the pop-up menu that opens click "Automation Manager". ...


Fix Caller IDs Mislabeled as Spam

Automation Manager

To address the challenge of spoofing and robocalls, some carriers are proactively blocking phone numbers or marking them as spam if determined by industry rules. Unfortunately, this practice can flag legitimate phone numbers.  Automated Telecom shares your co...

How to Pair Poly Voyager 4310 headset to a Yealink phone


To connect a Poly Voyager 4310 headset to a Yealink T54W phone using Bluetooth, follow these steps: Prepare Your Devices: Ensure that both your Poly Voyager 4310 headset and Yealink T54W phone are fully charged and turned on. Enable Bluetooth on the Yealink...

Get to Know ConnectUC Mobile


This article is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the various tools and options within the ConnectUC Mobile App. To install ConnectUC on your mobile device, simply navigate to your device’s App Store (iOS devices use the Apple Store, and Android ...