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Smart Fax User Guide


Learn how to access and use Smart Fax on the online portal and through email.

How To

Accessing the Service

Log in to the service at: (your username is your email address,
and passwords are created by using the 'Forgot Password' link to request a password reset email).

Changing your Password

This service uses a username and password unique to the system. To change the password:

  1. After you are logged into the service, select the circle with your initials in the lower left-hand corner.
  2. Select “Your Settings” in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Click on the "Security" tab. In the “Update password” panel, enter your current password and your new password.

  4. Select "Change".

How to Send a Fax

Sending from the Web Portal

Note: the fields mentioned below are necessary. Others not mentioned are optional.

  1. Log into your account at This will default you to your “Send
    Fax” view.
  2. Enter your 10-digit fax destination number in the box below “Fax Number”. You can also use the contact button to select a recipient from your contact list once you've entered contacts here.
  3. Next, in the “Attachments” section select your file you wish to upload, or drag & drop it from your computer, or insert a file URL.
  4. Click the Send button. You’ll receive a pop-up that will show the fax is processing. To check for confirmation that the fax has gone through, go to the "History" page found in the left sidebar. If sending a long fax and still awaiting a confirmation, refresh the History page to get the fax's current status.


Sending from an Email
  1. Start a new email message and in the To field, enter the recipient’s fax number with no dashes and then add For example (
  2. Enter the subject which will be on the cover page.
  3. Add the attachment that you wish to fax.
  4. After sending, you will receive an email confirmation.


Need help?

Please look at our video on Youtube This gives a better
visual representation of how to use Smart Fax. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to
us at or call our office at 760.837.7000.