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Troubleshooting Guide for WH62 & WH63


This guide will help troubleshoot the Yealink Headset that is not working properly. 

How To

  1. Check battery and charging: Ensure the battery is charged and properly inserted.

  2. Check device pairing: Confirm the headset is properly paired with the base and/or device.

  3. Volume adjustment: Check the volume on both the headset and the device it is connected to.

  4. Microphone mute: Verify that the microphone is not on mute.

  5. Distance from device: Move closer to the device to improve the connection and reduce interference.

  6. Restart device: Restart the device the headset is connected to and the headset itself.

  7. Contact support: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, reach out to Automated Telecom customer support by calling us at 760.837.7000 or emailing