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Change Ringtone for Internal Calls


In this article, you will learn how to change the ringtone for internal numbers on your Yealink desktop phone. Having a different ringtone for internal calls allows them to be more easily identified from external calls. This article covers how to change the ringtone via the phone's on screen menu options.

How To

  1. Dial the extension number you would like to change the ringtone on, then hang up
  2. Navigate to the call history on your phone, and select the Placed Calls tab
  3. Select the extension number you just called
    • On a touchscreen device, tap the i to the right of the number
    • On a non-touchscreen device, use the arrows to navigate to the number, and press the Options button.
  4. Add the number as a contact to the phones directory
    • On a touchscreen device, tap the Add icon above all of the listed information
    • On a non-touchscreen device, navigate to the Add to Contact option and select OK
  5. Navigate through the list of options when creating a new contact and find the option Ring
    (By default this option is Auto, which typically defaults to Ring 1)
  6. Select a different Ring option on this list, on some phone models, as you select a different option, the ringtone will play. Ring 4 is the most commonly used option.
  7. Once you have selected the ringtone press Save.

After saving the contact, any time that extension dials your phone it will play the newly selected ringtone. Repeat this process for all extensions you wish to have a different ringtone for. You can select a different ringtone for each extension as well, to help identify which extension is calling you.